Attractive and Unique Teddy Bear Theme Baby Shower Party Ideas

March 2, 2016 Business & Finance

Isn’t it interesting to plan for a baby shower party with an eye- catching décor? Yes, of course it is much more than to be called interesting. Arranging parties for your baby has never been boring and time- wasting. So, in order to make them feel good, you can arrange a party for them in the way that brings a huge smile on their face straight away. Have a look at some of the baby shower party ideas which don’t let you give a second thought to any other idea:

Attractive and Unique Teddy Bear Theme Baby Shower Party Ideas

  • Invitation of baby Shower:

Attractive and Unique Teddy Bear Theme Baby Shower Party Ideas

Inviting the relatives on an occasion can sometimes be a fascinating yet time consuming task. It is a custom to invite people, at least before a week or so of an occasion in order to feel their presence on the day the occasion is planned on. As you have planned for a baby shower, you can think of lots of amazing ways to invitation. You can send invitations so as it matches your party theme like you can set a dress code and tell to your friends and relatives to bring something special on the baby shower party. You can also send a plush bear to Belarus if you are going to invite your special someone from Belarus. This way, the invitation will always be remembered by everyone and prove to be a wonderful one.

  • Decoration Based Teddy Theme:

Attractive and Unique Teddy Bear Theme Baby Shower Party Ideas

Isn’t it captivating to set a wonderful décor theme for your baby shower party? Yes, it is really wonderful to set a decor theme in to get the visitor’s mind puzzled and shocked. You can plan for a magnificent teddy bear theme to your party in which you can also ask to the invited people to bring something related to the teddies so as the theme looks perfect with the party joining people having something amazing in their hands related to the theme of the baby shower party. Moreover, you can also scatter lots of teddies on the party ground and can draw various teddy bear posters and paste them on the walls in order to make it as a perfect and everlasting baby shower décor theme you hadn’t ever expected about.

  • Food as per Theme:

Attractive and Unique Teddy Bear Theme Baby Shower Party Ideas

So, have you opted for a baby shower party? Yes! What special you have thought about food? It has always been tedious to plan and then arrange food as per the theme of the party. But, if you wonder about what food you should have in your baby’s party, you can take startling food ideas right away from here:

  • A delicious teddy bear cake
  • Candies and cookies stall for babies.
  • Cake Pops as per the teddy bear theme.
  • Chocolates with party soft drinks etc.
  • Ideas for Party Drinks:

Drinks have always been a requisite part for every occasion; be it a wedding anniversary, a formal wedding, birthdays and even a baby shower party. Since, this is the time of enjoying a baby shower party with full pomp and show; you must have amazing alternatives of party drinks in your mind in order to say Good Bye to last minute drinks deciding ideas. For toddlers, you can simply keep soft drinks and mock tails as a good idea for party drinks. Moreover; champagnes, cocktails and a sweet mimosa bar can look great on the day.

  • Games and Activities:

How it can be possible that it is a baby shower party and there are no signs of games and fun activities? Games are extremely necessary to make the baby party become more humorous and unforgettable. When we talk about games and fun activities, teddy bears play a key role. In these games, we can also ask our invited guests to bring some materials related to teddy bears to make some fun game in the party.

  • Teddy Dessert Party Treats:

Attractive and Unique Teddy Bear Theme Baby Shower Party Ideas

In order to make the baby shower party more appealing and ever unforgettable, you can also include various scrumptious desserts to the wonderful evening as per the teddy theme. To make this wonderful evening more wonderful, you can add truffle cakes, ice-creams, candies and cup cakes etc.

  • Teddy Cupcakes:

Attractive and Unique Teddy Bear Theme Baby Shower Party Ideas

It is always considered to begin this special evening with a cute teddy cupcake. These cupcakes are delicious enough to fetch a wide smile on every baby’s face. So, why not try a cute teddy cupcake so as to perfectly match the teddy bear party theme this baby shower party.

  • Teddy Cake pop:

Attractive and Unique Teddy Bear Theme Baby Shower Party Ideas

Teddy cake pops are the pops which exactly look like lollipops. These cakes pops appear to very mouth watering and look good when delivered to someone. So make a delicious cake pop delivery to your loved one’s doorstep this year on this baby shower party.

  • Teddy Party Inspiration:

Why not spread an ever memorable teddy bear inspiration to everyone this baby shower party. Inspire your loved ones in a way so that they too arrange a baby party with a teddy bear theme as and when they plan a baby shower party.

So, given above are some of the most striking and ever working baby shower party ideas which not only you, but everyone can make use of in their next party. These ideas are just perfect to turn your scintillating baby’s evening into a faultless yet unimpeachable evening.

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