October 22, 2015 Business & Finance

For any business to grow profitably, it is of prime importance that the company has good sales of the products or services they offer. In the present internet age, many believe that a larger group of customers can be targeted through internet marketing, emails, web sites, etc. Some even feel that social networking sites help boost business. However, prospective customers can have a totally different perspective to this approach. They feel that all these attempts are too generic and there is no promise of a personal delivery should they decide to go ahead with the deal. That leaves many to wonder if the advertiser actually delivers what is promised on net.

Meetings are more personal and an effective way of communication. There is always a feeling of “attachment” when you have a face to face meeting with someone. In personal meetings many issues can be discussed and problems solved. The vendor can answer all the customer’s queries till the customer is satisfied and thus succeeds in building a rapport and bridge of trust. Remember, when you decide to hold a meeting with your client, in a way you are making him feel “special and important” for your business. It is a common human tendency to get flattered when importance is given to your existence.


As stated earlier, internet marketing is too generic and fails to deliver what a personal interactive meeting can achieve. When the sales person meets the customer, he can effectively explain the significance of the product or service that he is trying to sell. If the customer has any doubts then they can be cleared on the spot. This can be done either in a formal atmosphere in the customer’s office or an informal way by a visit to client’s home or a casual meet at a coffee shop. Either which way, personal meetings help to break the ice between the seller and the buyer and besides business there can be casual talks about common interests, communal activities etc.

Once the customer is at ease in your presence, it is easy to gain trust and to convince him about the product. You can explain all the benefits and importance of the product giving detailed report about its performance. In case of any service like insurance, maintenance, etc is to be sold then the seller can explain the benefits of availing these services to the customer and also put forth the various perks or offers associated with it. The client willingly accepts the proposal.

An advantage of meeting is that you get instant “yes” if your presentation is good and you do not need to wait indefinitely for the customer to reply. Another advantage of meetings is that once you are successful in getting this customer and extend the services to him as promised during the meeting, it is easy to spread the word around and get more business through referrals. Remember, the bridge of trust takes you way far ahead in life and business alike. A great way to build solid foundation for your business is with meeting room management software, the like Pronestor Room.  Word of mouth publicity is better than any other means as it guarantees that the person has tried and tested your product/services and is happy about it.