How Can You Enhance Your Brand Reputation By Removing Language Barrier In Business Promotion

July 14, 2017 Business & Finance

In the present global economy, expanding to new territories is a trend that companies have incorporated as part of their expansion projects to reach more audience and increase their profits. One of the biggest challenges faced by marketers and promoters in entering new markets is the language barrier. Big brands such as Coca-Cola and KFC have made big marketing promotion blunders that have cost them millions of dollars. These errors have left clues on how best to tackle language barrier when doing business promotion in new territories. This article focuses on the immigration documents translation of the Spanish language, the second most widely spoken language in the world by population standing at 400 million speakers.

How Can You Enhance Your Brand Reputation By Removing Language Barrier In Business Promotion

Research Cultural Nuances

It sounds straightforward but taking this initial step will not only save you millions of dollars in planning and execution of a marketing campaign but also helps in developing products that suit that particular market.

During the market research, in the case of doing Spanish translation, these few guidelines may contribute to a good analysis:

How Can You Enhance Your Brand Reputation By Removing Language Barrier In Business Promotion

Avoid idioms and slang in your content. Translating these can be catastrophic. The message intended will be given in the context of the translator and not the target audience who probably need more information to make sense of the words you are using. Stick to using clear official language that can be understood by your audience.

Avoid ambiguity: Not all organizational language used in one area makes sense to the other. In such cases, use a parenthesis with a description of what you mean.

Pepsi launched in China with the slogan “Pepsi brings you back to life” which was poorly translated to “Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave.” Had they done their research, a better way to express this slogan could have been developed to attract the target audience.

Communication Tools

Seek clarification: When doing a translation, it is prudent to have a clear understanding of the company, the market and how best to do the translation to suit the medium the company may choose for the translated content. This clarity will give you an edge to better advice on how best to promote the business.

Use Visual Methods of Communication as part of translation: People are visual learners and investing in getting the right messaging through the right medium will help in enhancing the brand. In the case of advertisements, gestures and unwritten customs learned in the research phase may be incorporated here to reduce the use of many texts in messaging.

Test and Launch

Conduct surveys: The Spanish translation done on the messaging for business promotion may be approved in the office but the customer is the final consumer. Test out the messaging for different demographics and areas to see what understanding and emotions are exhibited while watching or reading your content. These tests will help in narrowing any gaps and improving the message. When all is in order, be prepared to launch the brand that has no language barrier in its business promotion.

In conclusion, language barrier in Spanish translation in business development may be removed by understanding the culture, politics, religious association, customs, and taboos of the region.