Know From Rick Casper Diamond The Interesting Facts About Agate- A Gem Of The Gems

December 27, 2017 Business & Finance

The bright agates have already won the heart and mind of gem lovers across the world, but apart from the beauty, it is the prehistoric connection that allows it to gain the significance. Using it in various forms of jewelry is very common, but they are all unique it their forms. Even if you get two agates collected from the same specimen, you will never find them same at any angle. Going by the story of its origin, the agates are found mostly in the cavities formed by the volcanoes. There are multiple myths associated with agates as well, and Rick Casper Diamond believes revealing all of them one by one can only get things straight.

Know From Rick Casper Diamond The Interesting Facts About Agate- A Gem Of The Gems

Here are some of the Interesting Facts About Agates that Rick Casper Diamond Shares

  • Starting with the nomenclature of the stone, it received it from the River Achates in Sicily, where the first of its kind was originally found. Even though the river has changed its course and has received the name of Drillo River, it still owns the credit of being the mother of Agates and gifting this wonderful stone to the world.
  • Meteorologists and gemologists have indeed worked on its formation and have gathered sufficient evidence to prove that Agates was used in pre-historic days in between 20000BC and 16000 BC. It is as old as the Stone Age, where this gem was used in Western Europe. Much later than that, in 400 BC, these gemstones were used by the Greeks in making jewelry and beads and ornament themselves during the festive occasions.
  • As it was bright in color, and the hardness in its nature could not be ignored, studies say that this was the first material on this planet that mankind could familiarize with. Even there are records where it has been mentioned that once a man wore an Agate, it made him or her much more comfortable, friendly and also persuasive. So as far as the perspective of life is concerned, Agate has its deep-rooted connection along with it as well.
  • Not just the Greeks and Europeans, even the Persians have their share of the story with Agates as well. In the Persian culture, this particular stone was considered to be the protector. As more and more nature turned out to be susceptible to thunderstorms, men wore them as it helped them to quench the thirst.
  • Even as the home d├ęcor items are concerned, the Agate bowls have their fame and glory from the past. Not found in the households of the commoners, these Agate bowls turned out to be the symbol of status and Royalty. Even though not found plenty anymore, some of the artifacts are preserved in the international museums as well.

Rick Casper Diamond knows the value of Agates and so tries to aware his customers as well. There is no end to knowledge and hence, imparting it to the world is the most plausible thing for him.