Press Release: A Brief Idea

February 15, 2015 Education

Get To Know A Press Release

A press release is one of the major ways of announcing news events of critical and social importance to the media and public. Over the years, countless press releases have been conducted by several authorities, private personals, business firms etc. all with the common intention of either announcing the coming of a big event, release of their new products or self-promotion. Regardless of the purpose, press releases attract a mass of media as well as freelancer photographers and publishers. Generally defining, a press release is a mode of communicating with the news media to announce a matter of great social, economic, technology and other matters of importance. The conversation is either written down or recorded by the media personnel and publishes to newspapers, newsletters, magazines, television, radio stations and other sources of mass media communication. A call for a press release is prominently an announcement of high significance.

Press Release: A Brief Idea

The method of the press release has undergone several changes over the years. The oncoming of a large number of press release websites has made a considerable contribution to the changes that carved its way through press releases. These websites promote the possibility of low cost promotion and press releases thus enabling the smaller enterprises to profit immensely. This facilitates small scale business and makes news distribution much cheaper. While profiting from lower news distribution rates, the companies in concern are more highlighted on the website with maximum exposure to major search engines. These websites have revolutionized the press release methods and are now much easily available. Commercial websites on press releases and news feed manage to make quite the profit from major events.

Press Releases are usually conducted to make the people aware of new scheduled events and public improvisations. However, it has also come to be used for personal and sales promotions widely by upcoming and existing companies and enterprises and also for distribution and product promotion purposes. Awards and ceremonies have also become part of many press releases in the past and would continue to do so in the future. Press Release is an absolute way of centering oneself or in other words, is a way of attracting attention. Public Relations field commonly holds several press releases for publicity of client marketed products and other services. Apart from this, several other fields also make use of press releases to appeal to the general crowd. They provide reporters with a feature story that flashily promotes their services.

Press Releases are usually spontaneous, meaning they are broadcasted within a day or two of their occurrences while some being telecasted live. But there are also some press releases which, though distributed early, are broadcasted only on a specified date. Such press releases are said to be embargoed. In short, press releases are a way of sponsoring oneself to stand out to the crowd. It implicates announcing the schedule of an event or matter of public interest. It also accounts for self-promotion and promotion of new products and services. Press Release, are thus a way of showcasing to the world, something capable of drawing public attention.