Why Your Kids Need To Study The Civil War

December 20, 2017 Education

The Civil War was a unique battle, not only in American history but the world’s. This particular war has completely changed the course of America in several dramatic ways. Since the last gun was shot before Appomattox, it has fascinated people deep in their imaginations as it was a true incident in the lives of those who actually fought it. Its politics was crucial and much fascinating.

The Civil War gave birth to an impressive body of literature and new journalism and also tested people’s faith as nothing ever did. The war ended slavery in our country and thus began the new ways of executing war on water and on land. Over 150 years ago, people might question if the lesson of the Civil War is still relevant for kids and young adults today. There are several strong reasons why teaching kids about this war is still important.  

Why Your Kids Need To Study The Civil War

  • One of the Greatest Event in Country’s History:The Civil war was arguably a unique watershed, most important event in our world’s history. It has changed the nation and, in some parts of America, this epic war is still discussed on a regular basis. Often the terms like “Civil War” and “War Between the States” is used in different parts of the United Nations today suggesting that the memory of this war still remains etched in the minds of the American People. It is important to remember the tough lessons of the war. It is also important to understand what has shaped the country in the past in order to discern the path to the future.
  • Understand other Important Issues behind the Civil War:Some people have the misconception that this epic war was only about President Lincoln setting the slaves free in the South part of Emancipation Proclamation. However slavery was a crucial part of the war, the reasons behind this event were much beyond that single issue. The rise of the abolition movement also contributed to the beginning of the Civil War. Also, the topic of slavery around the nation played a remarkable role in the start of this epic war. To believe that the war was only an event where Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves means we are missing other important issues.
  • Understand How Opinions and Beliefs Motivate People:The epic war was a traumatic situation for several families in both the South and the North as families members and relatives took up arms and fought against each other. To think of what orthodox opinions and beliefs would be so convincing that caused families to split apart and fight against each other shows the graveness of the conflict. Lessons of Civil War give a chance to hold many interesting discussions about the influential impact of a person’s convictions and their enthusiasm to risk everything for their principles.

Even after 150 years, The Civil War opens up many learning opportunities to the present generation. It is very important that your kids and young adults study this powerful period in the world’s history.