A Balanced Lifestyle

July 8, 2015 Health

We are always advised to eat a balanced diet for a healthy lifestyle but how many of us can actually achieve it? Life can get busy and avoiding ready meals and take away food whilst ensuring the fridge is full of fresh fruit and vegetables? In a country with rising levels of obesity and diabetes, it’s obvious a large percentage of the population are not eating properly therefore not getting the correct levels of nutrition or taking adequate exercise. Certainly it’s a combination of bad diet and lack of activity that can lead us to ill health so perhaps it’s time to make that change?

It’s extraordinary to think that in a western country people could be in a malnourished state so how do we go about changing this? The obvious thing is make the decision to change your lifestyle. Even a small change of trying to eat better several days a week will make a difference but perhaps you should also consider using supplements. Authorities are conscious that people could be taking too many supplements for too long so before you make the decision to take daily supplements, see a nutritionist or speak to your GP and do your research to see what might support your body.

A Balanced Lifestyle

If you have decided to change your life and get healthier then you will no doubt consider adding exercise to your weekly routine. A balance diet and regular exercise are recommended by health professionals but you might not be sure where to start. Do you get a gym membership or start going to exercise classes? If you haven’t done regular exercise in years then a trip to your GP is the first step. Once you have the OK then look at what’s available in your area and think about what you have enjoyed in the past. Try an exercise class or dance class or a taster day at your local gym. Perhaps you need to work out with a friend or hire a personal trainer to help your motivation, if so, then try Googling ‘personal trainer St Albans’ and you will be able to find a trainer near you.

When you start training you will find your dietary needs will change. You will need to ensure you eat enough carbs to give you energy to work out and if you want to build muscle mass then protein is key. Drink plenty of water, choose wholefoods over pre-packed, processed foods that are loaded with salt, sugar and chemical preservatives. You may find your appetite will change when you start to get more active but be careful not to over eat and make the wrong choices. I don’t know about you but when I work out in the gym I tend to think more carefully about what I eat as taking too much sugar and the wrong type of fats will hamper your progress.

There is various advice out there regarding the correct type of supplementation for exercise, body building and weight loss. My advice would be don’t just listen to your gym buddies or personal trainer. Do your research, make notes, get to know as much as possible then seek advice from a professional. When it comes to supplements, one thing is for sure, you get what you pay for. There are so many poor quality products on the market that will make little or no difference to your state of health. Seek the help of a nutritionist who can work out a programme just for you and advise you on the best, quality brands to buy. Remember supplements will never replace a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle so make the change to a more natural diet and you will immediately reap the benefits.