Benefits Of Eating Cabbage

May 29, 2015 Health

We may have been seeing this greenish leafy vegetable from our childhood, some situations we may don’t like this dish in our menu, but after reading this article you will realize the importance of the cabbage in your menu. Cabbage widely available in many cities and countries, this leafy vegetable is cultivated anywhere easily, it’s available for us in different sizes and colors. It may not look attractive and tastier to eat regularly, so children don’t show the interest in consuming this very healthy vegetable. It is available for us in different colors like greenish, pink, purple and white.

Cabbage seems very boring dish for us at home, but when it comes to health point it provides so much what it can, it’s power packed leafy beautiful vegetable. Even though it looks fresh and watery vegetable it supplies very important proteins and fiber to our body. The white color cabbage contains the anthocyanins, which contains anti-carcinogenic properties help to fight dangerous cancer particles inside our body.

Benefits Of Eating Cabbage

Cabbage cab be used in so many different ways, in making curries, vegetable soups, fries and salads. A sharp chopped cabbage pieces are used in different salads which are fresh to eat and healthy, it also combined with other ingredients like pepper, onion and olive oil, which gives more taste to salads.

Cabbage is a very low fat container, it contains low saturated fats and cholesterol particles, so it becomes a best choice for those who are dieting to lose their weight. Cabbage with good fresh mixed up salads helps you in controlling your weight and reduces the calories taken into your body. Cabbage contains vitamin C and K, which helps us to shape and keeping our body in best fit. It improves the resistance power of our body which will fight against infectious agents and harmful free radicals.

In another side, cabbage in one of cheap vegetables, which available for us in full days of year. At minimum price level, we can get this healthy vegetable. It’s like consuming multiple vitamins in the day, when you eat the cabbage. It supplies riboflavin, pantothenic acid, replenish and thiamine. Other than these it contains minerals like calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium. These vitamins and minerals will help control our heart rate and BP levels. If you are pregnant lady then you are suggested to keep the cabbage in your menu at least twice a week. It helps your baby inside from birth defects.