Daily Consumption Of An Egg: Facts And Myths

February 5, 2015 Health

We all know the importance of eggs in our diet. Eggs are a rich source protein and essential minerals. Eggs have been considered very healthy since ancient times. In today’s hectic lives, eggs have even more importance. In the recent times there was some apprehension regarding the role of eggs in making the heart less healthy. This news received a lot of shock from all over the world. According to the latest data and findings from experts here is the accurate description of the effects of comsumption of eggs on the heart.

Daily Consumption Of An Egg: Facts And Myths

Eggs And The Heart

Eggs are known to be healthy. People have eggs everyday since they are easy to cook and have high energy content. They are high in calories. This lead to some fear over eating eggs everyday. Since high calorie diet is not good for your heart, it was presumed by some that daily comsumption of eggs is unhealthy. However, this is not true. Studies have shown that eggs have about 270-280 mg of calories. Also, consumption of about 350 mg of calories is the limit our body can handle easily. Calories, although harmful in excess, are harmless if consumed within the limit. Our body processes these calories and they do not have a bad effect on the heart. Since the calorie content in eggs does not cross the specified limit, the earlier claim does not hold any truth.

Moreover, eggs contain vital nutrients like sodium and potassium which are good for health. They are found scarcely in other food items. Proper intake of these elements helps in proper functioning of vital organs like heart, lungs and nervous system of the body. Daily intake of eggs ensures a regular supply of these vital elements. The recent findings completely refute the earlier claim. One must also remember that eggs are essential for proper muscle building. Eggs also have essential oils which are very crucial for proper functioning and safety of vital organs of the body. Taking these findings into account, it is essential for people to eat an egg everyday and benefit from its rich content. Although over consumption is not advised, eating one egg daily is definitely good for you.