Most Loved Types Of Mangoes In The World

April 25, 2016 Health

Mango is regarded as the king of fruits. In fact, it is the national fruit of Philippines, Pakistan and India. It is found in different colours, shapes and sizes. It is consumed in various forms like juice, smoothies, puddings, milk shakes, ice creams, salads and many more. It can be used to fill up a fruit basket.

Most Loved Types Of Mangoes In The World

Top mango varieties of the world are:

  • Alphonso: This mango is the topper of the charts with its exquisite taste, aroma and flavour. It is produced in Gujarat and Maharashtra in India because of suitable climatic conditions. It is cultivated in a unique manner. It is the most widely exported mango variety in the world.
  • Ataulfo: This intense yellow mango is loved by everyone for its creamy and sweet flavour. It has a smooth texture making it ideal for raw consumption as well as salads. It is grown primarily in Mexico.
  • Francis: Grown all over Haiti, it has a rich sweet and spicy taste. Oblong in shape and vibrant yellow in colour, it has highly fibrous flesh and is used to make chutneys.
  • Glen: It has a peachy, sweet and silky flavour which renders it very popular. It is pink or red in colour and oblong to oval in shape. Grown in Florida, it is available from May to June.
  • Haden: Having rich texture and fragrant aroma, it is good for raw consumption as well as for cooking. It has firm flesh and fine fibres. It is intense red in colour with yellow and green overtones and small dots in white. It is found in Mexico and South Florida.
  • Keitt: It is grown in USA and Mexico. It is loved when both green and ripe and as raw as well as pickles. It finds great popularity in Asian cuisine. It has juicy and firm flesh which has fruity and sweet flavour with limited fibre. It is medium to dark green with a pink blush.
  • Kent: It has a rich and sweet flavour with juicy flesh and limited fibre. It is good for juicing and baking. It is dark green with deep red blush. Mostly produced in Peru, Ecuador and Mexico.
  • Kesar: Grown mostly in Gujarat state of India. It has a round shape and small size. It is a great export, because of its extreme sweetness. It has yellow patches on the skin but when ripe, becomes vibrant yellow.
  • Madam Francique: Cultivated mostly in Haiti, it is called as ‘dessert mango ‘as it is a popular ingredient in desserts. It has a rich spicy and sweet taste, which has a rare tangy twist.
  • Tommy Atkins: Originating from Florida, it is the most commercially exported type to the US. It has a mild sweet flavour with firm, fibrous flesh. It is grown widely in Mexico and Latin America. It comes in different shades with dark red blush.
  • Valencia Pride: It originated in Florida. It is large in size and skin features a big red blush but some are also yellow in colour. It lacks fibre and has a smooth, juicy texture with a delicious aroma.

These are some popular varieties of mangos which are good to make fruit baskets. Mangos are great items to send to a loved one.