Best Gujarati Dishes You Can Relish Your Taste BudsWith!!

August 31, 2017 News, Travel

Gujarati cuisine is one of the oldest and the most delicious treasures of the country, and it primarily consists of pure vegetarian food. Gujarati culinary offers a range of vegetarian dishes, which undoubtedly have the richest taste, also are high in nutrients.

Gujarati farsan, pickles, chutneys and their club kachori recipe are worth dying for. Since the most part of Gujarat is located near the coastal area, the climate is mostly dry and hot. Therefore, in Gujarati dishes, the use of lemon, tomato, and sugar is quite common as it keeps the body hydrated.

Best Gujarati Dishes You Can Relish Your Taste BudsWith!!

Appreciate the fantastic Gujarati food with top tradition recipes which are mentioned below:  

  1.    Khaman: A healthy and tasty steamed dish. Though it’s similar to the world famous snack called Dhokla, the only difference is that it is fluffier than dhokla, and is served with green chillies and tangy chutneys. In Khaman too there are various types like Nylon Khaman, Masala Khaman, and AmeriKhaman.
  2.    Puri-Bhaji: Puri-Bhaji in Gujarat, serves as a Sunday brunch, or it can be a great breakfast recipe. To be honest, it can be relished anytime. Puri is actually a club kachori served with bhaji i.e. Dry Aloo Ki Sabzi. In Gujarat, you will find people queuing up at the restaurants on Sundays for this dish.
  3.    Thepla: It’s a snack for which not just Gujarati’s but all Indian’s swear by! It’s hard to believe, but still true that no Gujarati family journey, picnics, business trips, or even family holiday abroad are incomplete without this particular snack. It is mostly served with pickles or fresh curd.
  4.    Undhiyu: Though it’s a winter delicacy, still termed as the king of the Gujarati dishes. One of the reasons why people in Gujarat wait for winters is Undhiyu. One of the Gujarat’s main festivalsUttarayan, which is celebrated as Makarsakranti across the country, is incomplete in Gujarat without having Undhiyu for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner with family and friends.
  5.    Fafda-Jalebi: Today it has become a household name in India, and all thanks to the famous television series titled ’Taarak Mehta kaUltaChashma’. Fafda is a crunchy snack while jalebi is a sweet dish. When you consume spicy fafda with a crunchy sweet Jalebi, you will surely land up in a food heaven. It’s so delicious, and arguably one of the best dishes from the Gujarati recipe.
  6.    Gota: Gota is Gujarati style of a Pakora. Gota is Gujarat’s own pakora dish, which is mostly served as an evening snack. It tastes the best when it is relished with tomato ketchup or tangy chutney’s and is served with green chilies as well.

This is a small attempt to name just a few dishes out of numerous that this state is famous for. Other favorite dishes in Gujarat include dal dhokli, sevtameta nu shak, locho, dabeli, sevusal, and ddodhpak among various others. For foodies trust me Gujarat can be a heaven. In short Gujarati food if not worth dying for, is definitely worth trying for as the above-mentioned dishes have actually set Gujarati dishes apart.