Moto 360L And 360S: Surface In Leaked Photos

August 28, 2015 News, Tech & Gadgets

Motorola plans to ship the device in two sizes this time around, two smartwatches, 360S and 360L, Moto 360 have popped up in leaked photos, numerous leaks, particularly regarding its visual. Battery, This time, it’s a new photo appears, to compare a new Moto 360 with its predecessor. We note again that Motorola has indeed made ​​the choice to keep the black band or “Flat Tire” at the bottom of the screen, HelloMoto HK has shared the following images on Google+ and Facebook. Here are the images of S and L in close-up, pending genuine official pictures.

The new Moto 360, specifically the model “small” because, as you may already know, But two new Moto 360 wacthes, for two different sizes. Motorola become a victim of information leakage. The disappointment still with respect to the screen, it seems that the black bar is always present at the bottom of the dial.

Moto 360L And 360S: Surface In Leaked Photos

The first photo shows the Moto 360S worn on the wrist next to the current model. The design looks more sleek and compact than the first version. The metal dial is much brighter and seems more robust. The one we see here is the smaller of the two, placed next to the first Moto 360. This size ‘S’ is, as expected, less imposing than that of the original watch, but not too much. Regarding the size ‘L’, we expect a comparable scale to the one we already know. A little reflection on the way, the  leather strap pictures. Side button is positioned at the 2 o clock position rather than the 3 o clock position. By cons, with all the photos we’ve seen, it seems to know by heart. This time, it’s a new photo that appears, to compare the new Moto 360 with its predecessor.

If doubts still persist, this picture allows us to confirm the new, still more details of this watch, such as in particular the strap fasteners, which stand or the 30 ° angle formed between the button and the horizontal axis. Or even the famous black band that is hard to see.

With these multiple leaks, it becomes difficult  to believe in this new design. It is true that these new ties Moto 360 looks a bit more like a classic watch, Also, there’s a safe bet that Motorola manufacturers, are expected to announce smart watches at the IFA trade fair to be held in Berlin.