Online Shopping: The Latest Therapeutic

May 9, 2016 News

“All healing is essentially a release from fear”

Massage, healing, therapies, the moment I listen to these words, my state of mind changes to a peaceful and serene environment. I feel like I am somewhere on a hill station, where a house at the top hill is offering me a tranquil environment. I am relaxing on a chair viewing the natural scenic beauties and enjoying my life as a journey.Such kind of equivalent feeling isperceived again when I listen to the word ONLINE SHOPPING. Sitting at your comfortable place (office or home), listening to the music, sipping hot coffee and wearing your most comfortable clothes, exploring the latest fashion dresses and buying online without stepping out feels a kind of therapy or a massage.

No wonder, all women need this therapy at least once a week and because it is free of cost (until you make a purchase), it is rather more relaxing and enjoying. It leads to a lot more satiation than actually exploring various physical shopping stores. The consequences of a massage results into happiness, feeling a lot lighter and pain-free, the same effects can be seen and observed after online shopping. Women need more happiness in their lives as they indulge in a lot more activities than men from office to household, so I think they should not be stopped from such therapies which make them blissful and contented.

“Satisfaction of one’s curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life.”

                                                                                                                        -Linus Pauling

Online Shopping: The Latest Therapeutic


Shopping online for the latest fashion dresses is not new anymore. Women of all age groups and working class are involved with it, knowing the detailed procedure from exploring the online shopping sites to making a purchase. So there has to be some reasons behind her contentment and delightful nature. I wanted to explore why she is so involved with it and visits a shopping mall rarely.

Being a woman, I am sure almost all of us are well aware that why we love shopping online for the latest fashion dresses. But we might think upon only a few logical reasons and ignore some humorous points, which I would like to frame out here.

Online Shopping: The Latest Therapeutic

Price: – A single word offers many advantages to women. Firstly, the price offered at an online shopping website is comparably reduced to that offered in a physical store. The reason for the difference is unknown to me, why the hell should I worry about the gap reason anyways? What we are interested in is the actual price we have to pay for a particular product. Now when the same product with same quality, style and fabric is manifested at a lower price, it definitely becomes eye catchy for women who always compare prices at different stores before making the purchase. The whole deal sounds very lucrative and attractive for the customers when it comes to easy shopping, lower pricing and easy delivery. It is embarrassing at times when you think that you are paying a particular price and when you go to the counter to make your payment, it is much more than you anticipated. You cannot go back the line, people hovering over you to hurry up and make the payment.Online shopping does save you from all this hassle.

   Secondly, the price is fully disclosed to the customer online in terms of taxes, shipping costs and so on, which makes the women mentally prepared that she has to pay a particular amount as the final price for a particular product which sometimes is unknown at physical stores. Imagine you are buying a GAP sweatshirt at a store which is marked down to Rs. 2000 but finally you end up paying Rs.2050 because of the tax, so it hurts once when we are unknown about the taxation amount. But the same would be known to you before you make the payment and the mind gets automatically prepared for Rs. 2050.

Online Shopping: The Latest Therapeutic

Convenience:- Again a single word with double benefits. First of all, existing women’s Online shopping sites are available for 24 hours, seven days a week. It is in the hands of a woman to shop as per her own convenience of time and money. This facility is deprived of while making purchases at physical stores, taking out time, especially for shopping especially in the daytime used to get so hectic for a working woman. Neither she used to get an off from her boss, nor she would get any time from her household chores. But, with her desktop at hand, she can shop while working or she can shop while nursing. This benefit has made her life so easy.

   Apart from this, she is fortunate enough to shop all alone at online shopping sites for the latest fashion dresses. Neither she needs to listen to her husband who always reminds her of the time, nor she has to take her children along who would compel her to buy some toys first or would embarrass her in front of the shopkeeper by throwing tantrums. At home, she is calm and composed, she can send her children to school or make them off to sleep while husband is at work, she can explore and shop her latest designs whatever she desires for. With that calmer attitude, she even shops for her children and for her darling husband (in spite of the fact that he pays for them all).

Online Shopping: The Latest Therapeutic

Range:- Online shopping sites offer a wide range of designs and outstanding latest fashion trends that a woman can look for. The latest styles, cuts, fabrics and designs are exhibited along with the traditional and vintage outfits in magnificent range. Such a range allows the woman to make a better choice for her which will enhance her personality and would make her feel more confident and gorgeous.

   This variety and that too in bulk give an inner advantage to women, which are a result of jealousy. Yes, you heard that right, jealousy!!! When a woman goes out for shopping, she has several contemporaries in her mind, her friends and her in-laws whom she considers the biggest competitors in her fashion sense. While looking at a specific item, she always needs time to think about how her XYZ friend or her sister in law looked in the same attire at an XYZ event. Then such time-consuming activity can be calmly and peacefully accomplished at online shopping sites rather than in a physical store. A better choice and a better purchase are made by her which can make her look better than her in-laws and her friends.

Online Shopping: The Latest Therapeutic

Deals:- Shopping online for fashion has gained its popularity because of one advantage of deals and discounts. Online shopping sites keep luring women, especially with their attractive offers, discount deals, and the festive season and weekend offers. Women have got a soft nature which generally gets attracted to polite and soft things. Discounts also play such role that without thinking about the consequences, she makes the purchases for the same product of lesser value. Even though she always ends up buying much more than the required number, she is happy that saved some money.

‘SALE’ is one word that can put life back in a dead woman’s body. The physical stores offer sales and discounts on the clothing that is not going to be worn the next season. So, in other words you are not getting any discount on the latest design dresses. Online shopping sites have mastered this art of luring women to shop more by offering discounts all year round. If its not a Woman’s day discount, you will get off on a weekend or special Sunday and what not.

The added advantage to this is she makes the purchase of a lesser value for sure, but flaunts the original value in front of her friends and family. This not only helps her gaining a monetary benefit, but also aids in gaining a better reputation in front of her acquaintances. She starts feeling richer and better with such acts of purchases. This is the reason why is she always attracted towards discounted prices and is hooked to her computer all the time to know about the best deals and offers at online shopping sites.

Online Shopping: The Latest Therapeutic

“ I was too lazy to go out shopping today, so to make it feel like Black Friday, I went ahead and punched a few family members while online shopping.”

To recapitulate, it is evident that how women have double benefits of online shopping. She always seeks to the latest fashion and latest designer dresses for her wardrobe which she can flaunt at her best events. But nobody comes to know that apart from getting attention on her dresses and costumes, she is also satiated by purchasing them online for one of the other above mentioned reasons. I am not saying that her points or reasons to purchase online are unfair. In fact, I feel these are just mere reasons towards her happiness and she has got the right to enjoy every bit of it. She is smart, confident and independent women of today, she has got all the rights to fulfil her dreams and desires of getting dressed like a celebrity and online shopping has just given wings to her dreams so why to stop her from flying. Let women fly, touch the skies. Her freedom is the key to the happiness her family can achieve and she can be satiated with. With all these points, I believe I have accomplished in proving the quote of Linus Pauling which I mentioned earlier.

Online Shopping: The Latest Therapeutic