Unique Wedding Day Customs From Around The World

April 4, 2015 News

Marriage is an important and nothing better to understand and put into practice rituals that according to them and their beliefs will take their union of love to prosperity date for every woman.

The various cultures worldwide have made people especially women have turned superstitious and believe in enchantments or those mostly in important dates like Christmas or birthdays. But there is another important date for the girls as marriage and this time there are certain beliefs that some implemented so that everything goes swimmingly. In a country like China whose culture is so strong time becomes paramount. Advise women of certain Eastern soothsayers monks or to let you know the correct date because for them this is a sign of good luck and prosperity.

Unique Wedding Day Customs From Around The World

They discussed various issues related to boyfriends, dates of birth, and identification numbers among others. In Finland, women enter the church with lit phosphorus, everything to keep the flame of his burning love and come walking down the aisle with him. In India, there is a very nice ritual related based henna tattoo and elaborate on all the feet and hands. Amid the figures designed the couple’s initials hide and this should look for during the wedding night. According to belief, if the groom finds his name will then have a happy and prosperous life but if not remedied by bad luck for the groom to give a gift to the bride.

In the land of the little hands, Mexican usually decorates their underwear and wedding dress with colorful ribbons. The first is yellow it relates to food and abundance, the second is the blue that has to do with economic prosperity and a final red color for that love and passion in the couple is preserved. These three elements are essential so that this union is happy. In the land of pasta, Italian and boyfriends break a wine glass that day because each piece out of the broken glass symbolizes each year of happiness that will live in your marriage then break too hard to be many pieces obtained.

In Ireland the bells are something important to ward off evil spirits and that is why brides tie bells to their bouquets and reception bells are placed on the tables and as gifts to the guests. Finally in the Czech Republic one day before marriage, brides have a habit of planting a tree in an important or very special place, as this bride will live until the tree alive. This latest addition to being an interesting superstition is beneficial to the environment.