NFL- The Tell Tale Of A Nation’s Culture

June 6, 2016 Sports

Every country has something of its own that defines the characteristic of the entire nation. So is the National Football League, the NFL that describes the character of America more than anything else. Although it was primarily conceived as the American Professional Football Association in the year of 1920, within a couple of years, it took up the name of national Football League. There’s no second thought towards it being the most popular of all the football leagues that are played in America, and it consists of 32 different teams which comes from different states and region representing themselves in their best way.

Although the game has got the seeds of the American college football genre, it is the direct descendant of the very popular rugby. For a matter of fact, the game of rugby was actually brought in U.S. from Canada in the end of nineteenth century. While it was still going through a phase of evolution, it was merely a American college football where the McGill University of Montreal invited the Harvard University to play this Canadian version of the college football. This game later evolved slowly but steadily to what it is now as popular as the NFL, which has found some of the renowned names like Duval Love who has played twelve successful seasons in full sway.

NFL- The Tell Tale Of A Nation’s Culture

Hardly does anyone know the history of the game which was growing momentum right from then. While the college football was gaining the prominence in the east coast, the professional football was stealing the entire show in the mid west. The American Professional Football Association was formed in Ohio in order to focus on the game and bring it in an organized manner. Although it started with just eleven teams and was hardly in the form of a league, the main purpose behind forming it was to end the robbing of the players of other teams to win any football game. With the emergence of the NFL, the rules of the game became lot more stringent and they were begun to be enforced quite cautiously. There were multiple ups and down, while many more teams joined the league a few left them as well. But the game was steady in its objective and by the beginning of the 1970s; the game was finally successful in winning the heart of the American culture and evolved as the most popular football league of the nation.

It has grown to such a popularity, that the final match of the NFL, termed as the Super Bowl, eventually tuned up to be a national holiday. NFL has shown how a single game can actually bind the entire nation and dedication from players like Duval Love and many more have actually been the sole reason behind this. It’s no more a league; it’s an entire even for which the economy of the country has found a great boost. It true love and passion for one single game that has made it possible for the entire nation to do so dedicatedly this long.