How To Resolve These 3 Mistakes That Murder Your Media Buying Strategies

August 19, 2015 Tech & Gadgets

“Nobody in the media buying industry wants to take steps that would alienate the potential audience and customer base.” That’s what my ex-boss used to say. And I often wondered, is it so? Really? Because so far I saw, media marketers have often made errors in judging what’s going to be work the best in customer’s interest. Due to lack of in-depth research about customer’s behavior or some other reason, many media campaigns continue to fail. The reason you ask? Read our story to find the three most common mistakes that marketers do and if you are making any of these errors, we got a quick solution for you.

How To Resolve These 3 Mistakes That Murder Your Media Buying Strategies

  • Irrelevant presentations: talking apple instead of orange

We know that the ad personalization has a great value in making a particular campaign do wonder. Maintaining a harmonious balance between attracting an audience and providing useful resources is necessary. If you don’t produce relevant and useful content to your audience, your ads don’t gain any attention, rendering the efforts futile.

A whitepaper from Gigya reveals that more than 15% of the audience in US and UK receive “more than Ten mistargeted communication” every day.

How To Resolve These 3 Mistakes That Murder Your Media Buying Strategies

What could be the result of such miscalculated communication? Customers feel disappointed and frustrated, (even annoyed and irritated in some cases), and consequently opt out from email subscriptions, or push your content to trash.  That is their polite way of abandoning your website and products.

As a marketer, we often fail to realize the difference between taking the extra mile and overdoing our stuff. To maintain an optimum balance between what efforts we put in and how we reach our audience, we need to analyze and assess the browsing patterns and online behavior of consumer base. That will inform us about what steps we need to take to make the communication more personal and customized to the target audience base.

When you seek success, you will need to deliver accurately personalized ads and relevant offers because such contents can build mutually beneficial relationships with your customers. Also, this practice can enhance your authority and brand efforts as a whole.

  • Reaching places where customers don’t show up

Why do we keep searching snowballs in deserts? Isn’t that a helpless task? Still, we keep looking for baby boomers on Instagram or fun-loving teens on linkedIn. That is a sure way of ruining your campaign. No matter how valuable and curated your messages are, they reap no returns unless they are conveyed to the right kind of audience. Now you gain nothing when you target school-goers on a social platform such as LinkedIn.  A photo caption from Gigya nails down the problem in a witful manner.

How To Resolve These 3 Mistakes That Murder Your Media Buying Strategies

You know younger generation prefer to stay on Instagram more, so reach them up there with relevant and personalized contents. The idea is to build a long-lasting impression on your customers, so you can use the available customer data and industry-specific research to stay better informed about where you aim at.

  1. Keeping all eggs in a single basket

No wonder why chicks don’t show up that often! Programmatic media buying is a dynamic field, and unless you work towards a cross-channel strategy, your brands will not gain complete leverage. Subsequently, your customers won’t get a full-scale idea about what your offers and deals are about.

How To Resolve These 3 Mistakes That Murder Your Media Buying Strategies

You can build a faithful customer base and get that advantage on sales if you focus on identifying the most appropriate channels where you can deliver your powerful and tailored content.  Choosing the right way is difficult, but that makes a huge difference in terms of results.

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