Movavi Video Editor For Mac Review

December 24, 2015 Tech & Gadgets

Thinking about tapping into your inner creative genius and coming up with a great-looking video? Rather than stumbling around and running into brick walls in the form of video editors that are highly technical and have steep learning curves it would be to your advantage to get off on the right foot and look to the Movavi Video Editor for Mac instead.

Movavi Video Editor For Mac Review

Simple and Elegant Video Editing

Where most video editors tend to be designed for professionals with technical backgrounds, the Movavi Video Editor for Mac is instead focused on ensuring that anyone and everyone is able to use it – regardless of their experience. It uses a combination of intuitively designed features along with an accessible user interface to make video editing appear simple and elegant.

Suffice to say you won’t have to worry about going through a steep learning curve with this video editing software for Mac. Instead, all you need to do is start to use it, be willing to experiment, and get creative. In a matter of minutes you’ll be able to start to get used to the features – and soon after that you’ll be well on your way to creating your first complete video.

Comprehensive Features

Within the Movavi Video Editor for Mac are all the features that you need to create, edit, and polish your videos so that they look as though they’ve been professionally produced. The features that will undoubtedly help you to accomplish this include:

  • Cutting video footage into multiple parts to get rid of unnecessary footage and combine segments as required.
  • Adjust the color settings such as brightness, contrast, and so on to enhance the video quality or use the automatic ‘Magic Enhance’ feature to do so.
  • Insert multiple audio tracks and manage audio levels to add voiceovers, background music, and any other audio effects.
  • Add animated transitions between scenes to jazz up the video and make it look visually impressive.
  • Insert customizable text that can be animated to create attractive captions, subtitles, titles or watermarks.
  • Automatically optimize your videos when you save them for any device or platform with the hundreds of presets that are available.

As you can see there’s very little that the Movavi Video Editor for Mac lacks in terms of features and it has all the bells and whistles that you need to really perfect your videos.

The best way to get started doing just that is to jump right in – that way you’ll get to experience firsthand just how easy it is to use the Movavi Video Editor for Mac. Also you’ll get to see the capabilities of its features in action and judge for yourself just what you’ll be able to do with them.