April 12, 2017 Tech & Gadgets

You nuzzle into the couch, open your laptop, and prepare yourself accordingly for watching your favorite British TV show, only to find out that it is not available on any of your typical streaming websites. Of course, you cannot access BBC iPlayer from the United States. That is solely because companies like Netflix, Hulu, and the BBC still do licensing deals on a country to or by country basis, a lot of the TV shows and movies you watch over the web will be locked down to your definite geographical location. Fortunately, in such cases, a smart software can assist you in watching foreign TV by simply what at home. Guess what is that? It is VPN also known as virtually private network which is comparatively easier and convenient to configure and set up. It has the complete power of unlocking the wide range of content available on your favorite streaming and download websites.


A VPN does what its name implies, creating a private link between the internet and you. Your web connection goes without stopping to the VPN server, rather than Google or Facebook, and from there goes on moving to the websites that you want to connect to. That means it is much tougher (although not impracticable) for governments, internet providers and coffee shop or any such public place hackers to take a glance at your online activities. It also suggests that your data can be better confined and secured. Businesses, for instance, use VPNs to let employees’ access locked in the internal networks tenuously. In our case, video watchers can use VPNs to take-off a geographical location which makes it look like we are accessing the web from another nation.

A VPN is the more complete option, however it is not inevitably the best for everyone since it can slow down your speed of connection, for one thing, because it re routes all your traffic via the third party servers. If you are chiefly interested in watching TV shows from foreign countries, a smart DNS service may well work better for you. However, if you would also like some extra security and confinement, get a cheap vpn from vpntrends and your privacy won’t be on the risk.

The aforementioned information indicates you can just head to the relevant site or launch the app you want to use in order to watch TV, and your regional settings should adjust mechanically. You can click around and benefit from any of the shows you see, on condition that you stay on the same device. Follow the instructions given on the Smart VPN service support pages if you intend to set up multiple devices.

The help and support section of your chosen service should also be your first port of call if you run into difficulties or problems relating this matter. Often a speedy computer reset will do the deception as this will re-configure the pertinent network settings and apply them atthe Operating System level.

Enjoy watching foreign TV by lying on your couch!