Assam: Explore The Unexplored Land

March 4, 2016 Travel

A place where you can find natural beauty, lush green forests, rivers, lakes, hills and animals, is Assam. Assam is situated in the North Eastern side of India and share borders with Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. It is a land of unexplored opportunities where natural resources are in abundance. The very famous tea gardens are situated in Assam. Though Assam is a multi-cultural city, however the language that is prominent here is Assamese. You should have this place as part of your travel itinerary if you want to explore a different world.

One of the major cities of Assam is Guwahati. Being the capital of Assam and dominated by Brahmaputra River, it is the largest city in North East and a gateway for Northeast India. One of the most popular tourist’s attractions is the Kamkhaya Temple, approximately 9 kms from the main city and situated on Nilachal Hill.

Kaziranga National Park – Assam is famous for one horned rhinoceros, and you can find them in large numbers. Apart from rhinos, it is home for other animals as well like Python, Wild Pig, Hoolock, Wild Buffalo, tigers and many more. A ride on the elephant to view the natural beauty is just breathtaking.

Assam: Explore The Unexplored LandThe Island of Majuli – Not many people know, but it is the world’s largest river island and is home for 22 Hindu monasteries. Majuli Island is the centre for preserving Assamese arts. Another amazing fact of this island is that, the land is submerged in water when river overflows during summer.

Assam: Explore The Unexplored Land

Cuisine – Assamese food is very different than other part of India. This because, the dishes prepared here are less spicy and less oily compared to north and South India. Machar tanga and rice is the famous delicacy enjoyed by locals and tourists all the time. In fact, there most of the food is based on rice and fish. Assam tea is very famous in parts of India and other parts of the world. It is mainly black in colour and is also known as Assam black tea or Assam.

Fairs & Festivals – The state of Assam is known for its numerous fairs and festivals. Assam Festivals are the reason why many people want to visit the state of Assam. These festivals showcase the culture, spirit and lifestyle of the local people in true sense. Some of the well known festivals are Bihu Festival, Brahmaputra festival and tea festival. Each event has its own importance and significance. The Bihu festival is celebrated in the month of January during the harvesting season. The main attraction of this festival is the dance performance by young boys and girls. Tea festival is a fusion of tea, music and enjoyment. This event is held in Johrat during the month of November. During this festival, you can do various activities like jungle safaris, river rafting, visit to tea gardens and golf course.

Assam: Explore The Unexplored Land

Visiting Assam is easy. There are many trains and airlines that provide their services to this state. Rajdhani Express is the fastest and less time taking train. While they serve food, you can also enjoy local dishes by ordering food in train.

Unless you visit the city on your own, you would not experience the true spirit, culture and lifestyle of people of Assam.