The World’s Most Famous Neon Signage

February 28, 2018 Travel

As a marketing tool, neon signs have been used for decades and are a fantastic way to help promote your company and your brand. In fact, some neon signs have become so famous worldwide that they are essentially iconic. Though the businesses themselves no longer remain, the signs they had made have stood the test of time and continue to attract thousands of tourists every year to see them glow and to snap a photograph. Here are 5 of the most famous neon signs that still exist today.

  1. The Coppertone Girl, Miami: One of the world’s most famous neon signs has to be the Coppertone Girl, on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami. The large sign is of a young girl having her breeches pulled off by her puppy. It was first installed in 1959 and still remains along the same stretch on which it was first installed. However, it has been moved around a bit and has been modernised to some extent. It’s a shame to say her neon lights are no longer working, but modern LEDs still keep her aglow.
  1. Reno Arch, Nevada: The Reno Arch has to be one of the oldest and certainly most famous neon signs still in existence. It was first built to celebrate the Reno Transcontinental Highway Exposition. It has, of course, undergone numerous renovations over the years to keep it in working order. However, it still looks the same as it has for the last 90 years and is well worth a visit if you are passing through the area.

The World's Most Famous Neon Signage

  1. Vegas Vic, Las Vegas: Vegas is known for its glitz, glamour and bright lights that shine at all hours of the day. Perhaps one of the most famous neon signs adorning the Las Vegas skyline is Vegas Vic. This sign is of a cigarette-smoking cowboy, adorning the outside of the famous Pioneer Club. It was originally built in 1951 and had to be restored in 1998 to keep him waving to the masses.
  1. Schrafft’s, Boston: Schrafft’s is a company with a long and interesting history. They were originally manufacturers of candy, but once grew to a height of owning 55 restaurants across America. Though the company is no longer as famed in the same way, the neon sign they had built atop the factory in Boston still stands today. It is a popular tourist site, despite the fact the building now operates as office space for different businesses.
  1. The Skipping Girl, Australia: Though many of the world’s most famous neon signs are in the United States, the “Skipping Girl” originates a few thousand miles away in Abbotsford, Australia. She once belonged to the Nycander company’s “Skipping Girl” brand of vinegar and was used to promote and advertise it. However, back in 1968, the company tore her down along with the factory for making the vinegar. Two years of public outrage ensued until a replica “Skipping Girl” was erected to replace the iconic landmark.

The World's Most Famous Neon Signage

These are just five of the world’s most iconic neon signs, and it is impressive to hear how they have stood for so many years and have become tourist attractions in their own right. Today, many new businesses choose neon signs to help advertise their companies due to the stunning variety of graphics you can create and the way they can promote businesses far and wide at all times of the day. Perhaps a bespoke neon sign is a great way to help promote your business to passers-by. You never know, in 50 years’ time, the sign you have made could be just as famous as those above!