Top 5 Places To Enjoy Good Live English Music In India

July 15, 2016 Travel

Live music is always a different experience. You see and hear the artist laying out his heart and soul into the emotion of the song. But by live music, I do not mean the lip syncing hip-hop/pop stars in India. Here, the talk is about true musicians and artist writing, composing and performing their own craft. These are the top 5 places where you can enjoy good live music in India.

Do you like good music and looking for a place to enjoy good live music? Then you have come to the right place. India is home to rich classical Indian music but you will hardly find any good English songs that come from the country. Currently, the only english songs making into international music channels like VH1 are the bands and musicians from Northeast India. The current Bollywood music scene is shallow and devoured by crass music with pretentious renditions of mainstream hip-hop songs from the west. Good music is starting to vanish in mainstream music but there are many parts in India which still tries to make something out of it. Here are some places you can visit and enjoy some good live music.


The city which has seen a sudden surge of youngsters has a young energetic crowd ready to head bang their way into concerts and attract bands from all over the country. Many popular bands from India head to Hyderabad to perform as the runouts are good and the crowd is active. Hyderabad also plays one of the host to the popular campus rock idol. Time your visit during one of the rock concerts and you will see that the city is a true rockstar!Top 5 Places To Enjoy Good Live English Music In India


Top 5 Places To Enjoy Good Live English Music In India

Arguably one of the states that is contributing most to english music scene in India, this small state hosts the biggest rock festival in India and gives out the highest prize money no rock music contest gives out in the country. It has bands and artists that has won awards in major global platforms. The band from Nagaland calling themselves ‘Divine Connection’ also went on to win the first season of MTV Rock On, and another band called ‘Alobo Naga and the band’ won the best Indian act at the MTV Europe music awards. Music is a part and parcel of the lives of the people living there and every concert is an absolute thrill to be a part of. You can catch the Hyderabad to Kolkata flights and make your way to the state.


Top 5 Places To Enjoy Good Live English Music In India

Playing home to the legendary artist Lou Majaw and the pioneers of Blues and Jazz music in India, Soulmate, Shillong is one place you need to be to appreciate good music. Though not everyone is not a natural singer in Shillong, the bands that come out from this place are born entertainers. You will not regret being part of a concert in Shillong.


Top 5 Places To Enjoy Good Live English Music In India

Zito is one place in India that properly organises open air concerts consistently each year to promote music although the crowd is significantly lower and dead here. It gives a great platform for aspiring musicians to build stage presence and get rid of stage fright before they hit the big stages.


Top 5 Places To Enjoy Good Live English Music In India3

And finally, the national capital, the city where the true delhiites prefer to sit and listen to live musicians over going to the club and dancing to crass EDM beats. Live music scene is getting more popular by each passing year and building a very encouraging scene for the indie artists trying to make it big.