Visit Diu, The Isle Of Calm For An Ecstatic Holiday Experience

September 29, 2015 Travel

Diu is a beauty of a place and its beaches are pleasant retreat for spending a perfect holiday time. Besides the beaches, there are many Diu places to visit. The trip to this place, famously called, Ilha de Calma, is thoroughly enjoyable. Just imagine spending a good time at the beach as the sunshine makes the sands glitter around and the gentle waves hit the coast and wash your feet in a tickling fashion. It is like an spa, flung open to you by nature itself. Diu is an ideal destination for a fun vacation. You can explore the place with family and friends. A large number of tourists from Gujarat and Mumbai come to Diu for an extended weekend trip. The forests of Gir are only 70 km from Diu and Somnath is about 90 km.

Visit Diu, The Isle Of Calm For An Ecstatic Holiday Experience

So, what are the places that you would like to visit in Diu? You have plenty of options to explore at his place. Here are some of the popular destinations and stuff for a enjoyable time at the Isle of Calm:

  1. Church of Saint Francis of Assisi — It is among the oldest churches in Diu and it was constructed in 1593. It is located very close to the Arabian Sea. Franciscan friars used to gather here. Now this place has been transformed into a hospital, but you can still check this site out and marvel at its architectural elegance.
  2. Diu Fort — Located along the coastline, Diu Fort has long remained the landmark of the whole region. It was built between 1535 and 1541. The building was a testament to the alliance between the Sultan of Gujarat and the Portuguese who occupied this area during the old times. Before the fort was built, the place was the ruins of a fortress that was built by an Arab governor in 1400. Diu Fort has sea on its three sides and a canal on the fourth. You can check out the worn out canons which are still lined up at this fort.
  3. Fortim-do-Mar — This is a former prison. It is also known as the Fortress of Panikota. It was made by the Portuguese and it is situated in the Diu Fort premises. It has a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Sea. It also has a lighthouse.
  4. Nagoa Beach — This is the common picnic spot in Diu and to reach here you have to take a ferry from Diu. Nagao is originally an old fishing town which hosts the famous beach. This shoe-shaped beach is 2 km in length. You can partake in many activities at this place, such as swimming, water sports, camel ride, and pony trip.
  5. Sunset Point — Surrounded by palm trees, this small beach is a quiet site and offers a spectacular view of the sunset. You can enjoy your time at this spot in the evening with your special one.
    Check out these Diu places to visit for a nice holiday experience.

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