5 Simple Hacks To Improve Your Makeup Game On A Regular Basis

July 24, 2017 Women

We ladies seem to just love make up. We buy the costliest and the most reputed brands and hope to pull it off well. But, in fact it is very difficult to maintain heavy makeup in our daily lifestyle. But then we still cannot live without make up. Be it a simple day or an occasion, makeup is always an important part in a women’s life. But the most important thing is to get it right. Buying the costliest brands do not help if you do not know the basic mantra behind makeup. Those vanity boxes filled with all sorts of lipsticks, nail paints, concealers and mascara would be all a waste if not applied properly.

5 Simple Hacks To Improve Your Makeup Game On A Regular Basis

So, in today’s article we bring for you simple makeup tips hindi that would be helpful for your day to day life and also give you a basic idea for better makeup. Now, in our daily life we have to take care of a lot of things like our family, jobs and other responsibilities. So, we obviously cannot afford to apply heavy makeup and go to work, because by the end of the day we might end up looking like a zombie. It is always recommended to keep it easy, simple and light weighted so that even after a lot of work they don’t sweat off and look greasy. The purpose of daily makeup is to give you a natural glow and a basic look. Below are a few common makeup tips that would everybody better at the makeup game:

  1. Always use standard quality products. Since you are using these products on a regular basis the quality has to be good. They do not need to be too expensive, but going for something extremely cheap may result in bad skin.
  2. Using powder cosmetics is always recommended over liquid, because they not only keep the shine under control but also contain less preservatives and skin irritants.
  3. But just in case you cannot avoid liquid foundation then you must opt for the one with silicone base, because silicone does not cause acne.
  4. Always remember to remove your make at the end of the day, you may use make remover for it. If you don’t own a remover then rose water or glycerine also can serve the purpose.
  5. Also, never use beauty products and cosmetics after expiry dates. This can be very harmful for the skin.

I hope these makeup in hindi tips will be helpful for all. Sometimes we tend to over look these simple things and do not realise where our makeup went wrong. Well now I hope you are going to keep these points in mind. And also help you get your daily makeup game right on point. But, not just makeup helps you look beautiful. The right kind of food and plenty of water also helps in giving that glow to your skin. So till then eat healthy and do keep in mind these simple makeup hacks.