Engagement Rings For Life-Changing Moments

November 30, 2017 Women

In most parts of the world rings are worn on the fourth digit finger of the left hand. Most people also wear them on the ring ringer. This became a custom during the second world war. The use of fourth digit finger of the left hand for wearing a ring is also connected to an old belief that the ring finger of the left hand is linked by a blood vein to the heart.  The vein is dubbed as vena amoris. In the phrase vena is means  vein and amoris means love. So in simple words it was called the vein of love. People got to know about it in the 16th and 17th century in England when Henry Swinburne wrote about it in his book that was about marriage. The idea is older than that and can be traced back to Rome. AulusGellius is thought to have cited Appinaus who said that the ancient natives of Egypt discovered a fine nerve that connected the fourth digit finger to their hearts.

Engagement Rings For Life-Changing Moments

So, it is hardly surprising that ring is a symbol of love nowadays. They are a key object when it comes to engagement. Of course, how can a boy propose to a girl without a ring in his hand. Indeed, engagement rings for women are very important. You are on the verge of taking very important decisions. While accepting a ring and wearing it on your finger, you are moving on to big things in your relationship. The commitment is lifetime. It truly expresses signs of a new life with someone you love. On this happy and life-changing occasion you deserve something that truly inspires you. That is unique and extraordinarily beautiful. Every girl is unique so should be the ring. That’s why boys should be conscious of this fact while purchasing a ring for their beloved. They must choose the best from engagement rings designs.

Do you have someone special? Are you planning to surprise her with a proposal? I’m sure you have already bought tickets to an exotic location, booked an orchestra, decorated the dining table with roses. That’s beautiful, to say the least. But without an exceptionally beautiful ring you can spoil all this effort. So, don’t wait. You can buy engagement rings online. Best of the bestest designs are available on online stores.

Diamond engagement rings cannot be replaced with something else. They are gorgeous and make your moment a lifetime memory.Girls love diamonds so don’t think twice before buying one for the happy occasion. You can buy a ring with a diamond studded in platinum or silver. The best combination is made with platinum. It is up to you. You can opt for a one big diamond on top. Girls love this. You can also go for multiple little diamonds studded on top and sides of the ring. This is gorgeous in its own way. So don’t miss out. Buy the best for the love of your life. Make your relationship precious with beautiful engagement rings.